Intern As An Medical Assistant

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It’s amazing how much I learn in the past two years at ASA College. It’s just so hard to believe that less than a week we will be done with my education. I must admit I will miss spending my time here. But most of all I will never forget how my experience as an Intern Medical Assistant with Cancer Patients. Making a difference in someone life just fascinates me, knowing that I have the power to help someone. Working at the Bruckner Oncology as a Medical Assistant intern is one of the greatest life experience. Even those I had face many new challenges I will not trade it in for any other work field. Becoming an assistant also supplies knowledge of the most intimate interactions of the natural processes, giving a glimpse of processes that are not easy to understand. At this Center the patients are Cancer related. As I spend more time as an intern at this Center I was inspired by Dr. Howard Bruckner work how he help and gave hope to many of these people, had myself raise some questions on the concepts and wonder what it would be like to be a part of the Bruckner Oncology team or somewhat relate to this field. I believe that Medical Assistant program classes at ASA College help gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion for helping those with medical problems and let me feel at ease on the first hand training at the Center of Bruckner Oncology. At the Bruckner Oncology Center I learn to Answering phones and making appointments ordering supplies, greeting patients, pulling and filing patient charts, calling in or faxing prescriptions, converting charts to electronic charting. Hopefully I can take these skills I learn and better myself in life. I discovered my passion growing up as an little girl always wanting to help and Assistant my mother or father cleaning off the cuts from my sisters after getting hurt. As a student at ASA and as an Intern at the American
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