Nur/403 Professional Values for the Bsn Student

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Complete the worksheet with a substantive response to each prompt. Define each term using the course textbooks or a peer-reviewed resource. Describe how you, as a BSN student, demonstrate each value as you interact with patients and other health care providers. Provide specific examples of how your values influence your attitudes and behaviors. Each response must be 100 to 150 words. Value Definition Personal Demonstration Altruism Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of other's. Currently I practice altruism because when assessing my patients my main concern is the patient's safety. Currently when making decisions I become torn with what I want to make the patient happy and what my boss is telling me to patient. An example of this, when evaluating a patient I determine how many hours of a personal care assistant they will receive per week. I always think about the patient first before thinking about what is going to save my job money; and this is my constant struggle. Altruism is something I believe is the reason I became a nurse. Autonomy The state of existing or acting separately from others. My current job autonomy is necessary. Working in hospitals and nursing homes the majority of my nursing career, becoming completely autonomous was like culture shock for me. In a hospital you have co-workers, doctors, PT, Pharmacy all at your fingertips for information or advice and just help. Working out in the community was hard for me at first because I was not use to being completely alone. I did learn a lot with this job and have grown tremendously, since starting. Autonomy is very important because you have to rely on yourself and you this sense of independence and freedom. Freedom is the most important part that I love because my schedule is extremely flexible which is great for my daughter and I. Human Dignity Is the quality of

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