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I ask will the United States let a law abiding citizen live if it cost them “Healthcare”. No, but they would definitely recommend you to visit a nonprofit hospital. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) findings prove that nonprofit hospitals have “higher levels of uncompensated care” than for-profit hospitals (The Medicare Newsgroup, 2014). I attest to the non-profit hospitals because of personal passions, the cause and this quote, “Our commitment to the community includes providing much-needed services to the underinsured and uninsured, even if it means we won’t get reimbursed.” (San Diego’s Sharp Health Care Leader, 2007) Studies represent a fragment that non-profit organizations are operating for the uninsured and the low-income communities…show more content…
The non-profit was motivation to provide assistance to the poor in need with different health conditions and those in broken communities that are intended to suffer in health. Research findings report that eighty-five percent non-profit hospitals are involved in charitable missions (Smith, 2011). For a rebuttable, for-profit organization share that they raise more money for investing in charity care as well (Smith, 2011). The American Hospitals Association clarifies that the charity contribution between non-profit and for-profit hospitals is a small difference when it comes to “uncompensated care” (Smith, 2011). Non-profit hospitals have been involved in minor issues as eligibility is questioned when filing for tax exemptions. A large share of non-profits hospitals are unable to make community contributions; recording at twenty-eighty percent of non-profit hospitals (Smith, 2011). The non-profit hospital organizations are under investigation due to this disparity (Smith, 2011). For an example, Texas has a law that mandates non-profits to offer charity care equal to the value of their tax exemptions (Smith, 2011) Many cases as this in the state of Texas has been taken to compensate the tax exemptions into charity (Smith, 2011). The state of Utah, policy makers other healthcare advocates that support the cause have called for the same law to be enacted within other states across the

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