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and the Human Life International Shareholder Proposal Question 1: What are the arguments for and against Johnson & Johnson’s corporate philanthropy? In what ways do the company’s donations help or harm the company and its shareholders and other stakeholders? Answer: Before answering the above question we have to mention Johnson & Johnson’s Credo. The Credo of Johnson & Johnson’s basically is a statement that refers to the values of the shareholders and the responsibility of the organization to its stakeholders. As a result Johnson & Johnson as a profitable organization had to make some donations to help and improve the society as a whole because society and business are inter-depended. “As we can see through the case part of its charitable giving, Johnson & Johnson had contributed to Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc., an organization that provided reproductive health care and sexual health information to women, men and teens. Among other Johnson & Johnson also respects diverse religious beliefs” (Lawrence A. 2008). This donation of Johnson & Johnson had a negative impact to the organization because they donate money to an organization that was responsible for abortion and abortion referral. The donation had two kinds of impacts to the organization, one with their shareholder and one with their stakeholders. The main problem with the stakeholders was that it’s mainly a customer product company. As a result the customers could easily boycott the organization and that would have a direct impact to the organization’s profits, which could harm the revenues of the shareholders. Also the donation of Johnson & Johnson to Planned Parenthood, influence some other possible investors of the organization. For example Ave Maria Catholic Values and Timothy Plan were possible investors of Johnson & Johnson canceled

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