Cystic Fibrosis: Faulty Gene In The United Kingdom

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22 October 2007 cystic fibrosis Cystic fibrosis is caused by a faulty gene in the body called the ,"cystis fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator". Or the cftr gene for short. To actually inherit cystic fibrosis, two genes one from either parent has to be passed on whilst still in the womb. If only one gene is inherited that person is a carrier of the disease and will not have any symptoms of cystic fibrosis.Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder which means it is inherited from either parent. When both parents are carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene whithin each pregnancy there is a one in four chance of having a child with cystic fibrosis,a one in two chance of having a child who is a carrier,a one in four chance…show more content…
In the United Kingdom cystic fibrosis is a very common disease, and the cystic fibrosis trust claims that around 8,000 people suffer from it in the United Kingdom. The cystic fibrosis trust also claims that over two million people in the United Kingdom are carriers of the gene that causes the disease. They estimated that around one in every twenty five people carry this defective gene. In the United Kingdom causasian people with cystic fibrosis have a life expectancy of around thirty one years old. But with a baby born today with cystic fibrosis the chances are that they could live much longer,due to the improvements which are being made medically. The costs of treating people with cystic fibrosis costs the health service millions of pounds a year. This is due to the disease being kept under control by medication, and through therapy in making an individuall sufferer feel better by doing things such as physiotherapy and gentle…show more content…
Vitamin supplements containing enzymes, to help aid digestion are given. Asthma therapy is also given to a cystic fibrosis sufferer and antibiotics to stop infections of the lungs developing. Councelling treatment is also offered because of the psychological aspects of the disease. Unfortunatelythough there is as yet no cure for cystic fibrosis, the only treatment on offer aims to help control the disease and the symptoms. Research being currently carried out into cystic fibrosis includes trying to find a cure through gene therapy, this would try to prevent lung disease in a cystic fibrosis sufferer. People with cystic fibrosis suffer with their lungs becoming clogged with a sticky mucus making it very difficult for them to breathe. Prevention of cystic fibrosis could be done through screening a person to see if there is any family history of the disease present. Also by testing a woman during their pregnancy, by performing an aminocentisis test which would mean a sample of fluid taken from the womb. Also "chronic villus sampling", this involvs a sample of tissue (a biopsy) taken from the placenta and tested. The effectiveness of these tests would let an individuall decide if they wantedto continue with the pregnancy or have a termination. If a person did decide to continue with the pregnancy it would give them enough time to prepare themselves for the birth of a child with health problems

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