No Weed For Me: A Short Story

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Denilson Gomes “No Weed for Me” 11/7/12 Edwin and I were staggering to a nearby corner store across the street from Central High School, to buy a pack of gum because our breath reeked horribly. As we were walking we happened to stumble upon a troublesome kid named A.J. who attended school with us. “What up bro?”A.J shouted out with a smirk on his face. “What up dog?” We both responded at the same time. He walked up to us chanting a song that got jammed into his head earlier; “I love pickles.” He sang loudly. Edwin and I chortled freely. “What kind of song is that?” I questioned him, but he didn’t seem to respond. After Edwin and I finished chuckling all three of us marched into the corner…show more content…
“Nah I brought you here so you can smoke with me.” He exclaimed. “Heck no!” I said yelling at him. “Suit yourself.” He said nonchalantly. Edwin and I were just about to head back to school but right at that moment he begged us to stay with him until he was done so we did . “That smell is just too unbearable to be around, how can you smoke weed?” I asked myself in my head. When he finished we walked back to school. As we were walking Edwin and I noticed that A.J was walking funny. He also started doing stupid things like talking to the sky and yelling out of nowhere. When we crossed the street He almost got hit by a car and that’s when we knew that he was higher than a bird. “You see what happens when you smoke weed?” I asked him. “I like pickles.” He responded like a crack head. When we reached school people were gazing at us but mostly A.J. everyone knew off the back that he was super high. A girl went up to him and tried to ask if he was elevated but the bell cut her off. Edwin, A.J, and I walked into the schools front doors and spawned three administrators parked at the top of the stairs as if they were expecting us. They looked like an angry bunch of hooligans getting ready jump us with

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