Malarkey Critical Evaluation

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Malarkey Critical Evaluation Keith Gray’s emotional text ‘Malarkey’ is a text that not only deals with conflict but is also an emotional journey of the characters. The writer conveys the idea to the reader by characterisation and through the plot of the story. John Malarkey is in the wrong time, he has started at a new school, Brook High and the gang situated at Brook High ‘The Tailors’ take an instant disliking to him. They feel like he is a threat to them, they want him out of Brook High so they do there best to have Malarkey excluded from the school. They start off by stealing his bag and planting his maths teacher Mr Macallan’s wallet in it knowing he would get the blame because he couldn’t explain why it was there. They then steal their year’s report cards from the head of years office blaming it on Malarkey and they then only have to wait to see if he stays at Brook High or not, but while they await this verdict John Malarkey becomes more a threat to ‘the tailors’ than they are to him. The first Characteristic we hear of Malarkey in the book is that he is quite aggressive my evidence of this is “Come here I snarled as I grabbed his arm, hauling him into the empty classroom” This makes me think he is aggressive because he sounds as if he cant hold his anger so becomes aggressive towards Simon Penn. Also the fact that he hauled him into the empty classroom where hauled tells me that Malarkey physically threw Simon into the empty classroom. Another characteristic that builds the character of Malarkey is he is adamant “I might get to hear a few secrets if people believed I was a Tailor” This makes me feel he is adamant because it tells us he is eager to find out more about who he is dealing with (the Tailors).So he resorts to taking a member of the gangs black Adidas trainers because he knows that the trainers are like a trait or a symbol of the
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