Nothing But The Truth Theme Essay

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In “Nothing But the Truth” by Avi, one kid named Philip Malloy makes a huge impact on society. In my opinion, I think that this was all garbage, but once the media gets into something, anything can happen. It all started when Philip, a 9th grade student at Harrison High school got a “D” in English. He states that it is his teacher’s fault, but he is really the one misbehaving and writing jokes as answers in his exams. Philip, now not allowed to tryout for the track team is angry and ticked off. Even worse, he is now switched into his English teacher, Ms. Narwin’s homeroom. During the playing of the National Anthem in Philip’s school, you are supposed to stand at respectful silence. Philip, still mad at Ms. Narwin decides to wise off and sing, politely asked to stop, Philip ignores and keeps singing. Next day, same deal, singing and disobeying. After the third day, Philip is sent to the principal and suspended. Saying that he sang in the act of patriotism, Philip and his father go to a reporter with this story. The story gets out all over the country; eventually newspapers are printing and radio shows are gossiping about it. The amount of telegrams sent was like when the Germans were bombing England. People are talking about why Ms. Narwin wasn’t fired yet and why Philip is a patriot, it just gets insane. In society today, we are pretty much controlled by the media. The media gets way too involved with everything, there will always be the rumors and scandals. Why does the media have to but into people’s lives to get every bit of info they can dig up? Why don’t they let rumors be rumors? Another way the media affects daily life is the way we look, speak, and do daily activities. You have to do it this way or else your not “cool,” you have to dress this way or your not “pretty.” It just goes on forever and ever. I don’t get why you can’t

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