Don't Get Me Started On Smaking Essay

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Don't Get Me Started On Smoking! It's one of those depressing Mondays when you're feeling so reluctant to go to school. Don't forget, it's seven in the morning and all you want to do is stay at home in your warm cosy inviting bed to sleep, you wish! No, this is reality were talking about. Not anything can be superior as that. This is how it really works; you're walking to school in the grey gloomy morning having to put up with the horrific acrid smell which burns the back of your throat because self-centred people these days can't consider the cluster of kids who have to walk past their shop every day. I do not care if it is free, but I do not want your second hand smoke! The stench is revolting; having it following me everywhere I go. Why do people have the need to smoke? All it does is lead to cancer, and death following unless you are lucky enough to dodge it. Although people manage to get out of this life threatening disease, they still seem to think "Oh who cares! Pass me your lighter," and yes, they do decide to carry on with the filthy habit. You don't realise how insidious cancer is. The fact that it creeps around your body without you realising it, it's like a vine growing inside your body and taking over all your organs. Just the mere thought of it, disgusts and appals me. Has nobody witnessed a person dying in hospital, it is not a pleasant site to see. Seeing them when they were perfectly healthy and after that, they are transformed into skin and bone, ravaged with pain. Having to take morphine several times each day to ease pain they are going through. To look into their eyes sunk into their head. Is that the situation you want to be in? If you continue smoking, that could be your fate. I have to say it is quite a sickening thought having a partner who smokes - to imagine all the muck going inside their body. Nobody goes around kissing an ashtray so I

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