Argumentative Essay: Don T Get Me Started

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Don’t Get Me Started... You’re standing at the school bus stop on one of those damp and horrible mornings and suddenly the stench hits you, the back of your throat burns with the revolting smell of smoke which the self-centred smokers think that you want to breathe in. Well take note of this. We don’t. You might be happy with smelling of smoke but most people aren’t. We want our lungs to stay in one piece thank you very much. Just because you are outside it doesn’t make smoking ok, it’s still a horrible, disgusting and expensive habit. Let me first deal with the positive and unhelpful sides to smoking. Lots of people like to smoke to calm their nerves before a big exam or to be social with friends. Also the government make lots of money with the taxes from cigarettes. Also poor countries like Zimbabwe employs thousands of people in the tobacco industry, and then without cigarettes lots of people would have no jobs what so ever. However;…show more content…
Especially if you’re a parent and have children of any age, they’ll breathe in all the smoke that you have just exhaled. I know it’s free but, I still don’t want it! In conclusion I think that smoking is just the most revolting habit because it’s smelly, makes your teeth go yellow, gives you cancer and is ridiculously expensive. All smoking does is drive yourself to a slow death and are too ignorant to think about others around you. I can only hope and pray that people who smoke realise their mistakes and understand it’s not only themselves and their family that is affects but the whole of the country. So is choosing to “relax” over life itself really worth it? Is the happiness for yourself for a couple of hours if not a minute a day worth the happiness of your children? Is spending your last few pennies on fags really worth it rather than saving the money for possible future events really worth
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