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Sophie Zinolidis QUIT SMOKING Smoking is bad and we all know it. But not many knows why it’s so dangerous. They just know it’s a fact. And even more important, there are several bad things that comes with smoking and still so many people smoke. So why is smoking bad for you? What does a cigarette contain exactly? You’ll find it quite shocking... just a single little cigarette contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, vinyl chloride, hydrogen cyanide, benzene, arsenic and ammonia. Just by hearing all these substances you get the point that it’s poisonous. And even though people hear about it, they continue with their bad habit. I guess they don’t get scared enough. But theres more. The substances I mentioned above is just a small part of what a cigarette actually contains. Each puff of smoke from a burning cigarette also include particles, gases and steam which emits 4700 different substances and chemical compounds. At least 50 of these compounds are carcinogenic. And it doesn’t stop there either, it gets worse. Nicotine, the addicitive drug is so dangerous that if you’re were having nicotine from 4…show more content…
I know it myself. Hopefully you realize the bad things with smoking i’m sharing in this text and that there’s nothing good to it. You just need to have the determenation and everything will be a piece of cake. It just gets better for everyday. Just a few examples is that you become more alert and gain more energy, your physical condition improves. You get healthier and suffer less frequentley from colds and the colour of the skin gets more radiant and vibrant. Also the apperance of facial wrinkles are delayed, especially around the mouth. Someones hair, breath, clothes and etc. will stop smelling smoke. A smell I wouldn’t by as a perfume. Just a few months later the teeth and the nails gets whiter. In short, you can expect a longer

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