Satire Essay On Smoking Cigarettes

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12/16/11 Satire essay Thank you Smokers Does your mother, father, children, brothers, sisters or anybody in your family smoke cigarettes? Well I would like to say thank you and applaud all of those people that do smoke. You guys are a real inspiration to me. Every day I look around the world and I see all these beautiful people smoking, and I want to be just like them. If you know somebody that doesn’t smoke you should really take the time to inspire them to smoke and tell them about all the pleasant things it will do for them. The goal is to get everyone that you know and care for to start smoking. To start, the main problem with the smoking situation is that we have a lack of people smoking. There are just too many dumb people in the world that don’t understand the wonders that smoking cigarettes can do for someone. Luckily though, I have a great plan on how to solve this huge problem that we have in this society, and get people to start smoking cigarettes. My plan that I have put into place is going to help this world that we are living in, in many ways. We are going to promote all cigarette products, handing out samples, whatever it takes, to show people how great cigarettes are and all the…show more content…
It will show the kids how it makes your life wonderfully longer. It also keeps the dentist away, for those who are not too fond of the dentist. You will have naturally white teeth! Also we will inform how smoking will benefit athletes a ton. If you smoke you will instantly have longer lasting breath, higher stamina, and be able to do much more activity than you ever imagined. Also we can advertise cigarettes to adults because smoking does raise your life expectancy by a number of years and who doesn’t want that. Oh and how could I forget that smoking is such a helpful cure for

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