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Essay Introduction The story” A Fortune” is about a man also the narrator in the story, who befriends a kid named Jeremy. The Narrator is a lowlife criminal, but when he sees this little boy, he begins to think about his life and feelings. The story is about a man, who finds a kid, which he sees as a kid that reminds him of himself. The problem in this story, is the parents and how the raise their kids. Therefore, is my thesis: “How are their family life affecting them?” Analysis The Narrator is a pickpocket, who steals from a person, without the person noticing. The narrator is going on with his daily life, when he sees a boy get a lecture by his father. The narrator chose to follow them, and then the narrator took the father`s wallet. The narrator then goes on with his day, he goes takes the money out of the wallet, and then he has a routine where he places the wallet where he took it. When the narrator is in the middle of his routine, he sees the boy, standing at a liquor store. The narrator then asked the kid, if he wanted to come with him. The kid followed him to his home, there they sad just looking at words of wisdom from wisdoms cookies that the narrator has collected every time he got a cookie. The kid is very interested in the cookies, and they look at them most of the night. At the end of the night the narrator, yells at the kid, but not in a mean or mad tone, a motivating tone to encourage the kid, to feel that he is special. In the end, the narrator drives the kid home, but also gives him the fortunes from the cookies. He does not deliver the wallet to the father, but throws it out in the cabbage. In the first part of the text, the narrator has a flashback where he goes back to the time, where he was a kid. When he was a kid, his father showed him, how to steal, and the father used him to steal for him. The Narrator`s mom tried to raise him

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