Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Racism, prejudice and discrimination are the main themes in roll of thunder, hear my cry. Mildred Taylors depicts the racism and prejudice that African Americans experienced during the great depression. It is apparent from the beginning that African Americans are treated differently from lighter skinned people. From the beginning of the novel we can see that the blacks and the whites are isolated away from each other. The first example that shows racial conflict between the blacks and whites is the Jefferson Davis school bus, which is full of white school children. Blacks have not been provided with a school bus so the children from the Logan family are required to walk to school which takes them the duration of about 3 hours and a half. On top of that the children would be threatened by this bus. “A bus bore down on him spewing clouds of red dust like a huge yellow dragon breathing fire.” As you can see racism has been portrayed. The white children on the bus seem to have found it quite entertaining with “laughing with faces” to see the black children running away. Another example of racism portrayed in Roll of thunder, Hear my cry is the incident which involves Cassie and her trip to Strawberry market. Whilst at the market, she is forced to apologize to Lillian Jean Simms (a white girl) for accidently pushing her. Cassie is not the type to let people walk over her and let people think they are from a higher status than her so she stands up for herself. She says “I aint nasty, and if you’re so afraid of getting bumped, walk down there yourself.” This example tells us how whites can tell the blacks to do whatever they want and act as if there under control. In return, the black person would do what they are told but as we can see here Cassie is stubborn and strong and would do anything so stand up for what she believes until her grandmother tells her to apologize.
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