Elisa And Rsquo Analysis

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perfect life. In Elisa’s case she wanted to be loved but was not shown interest by her husband. Elisa’s was surrounded by a wire fence where she felt she could show her power inside the wire fence, but was afraid to show that power outside of the wire fence where she was fence in from the real world. Although gardening is a work of feminine mostly. Her face was lean and handsome. Elisa showed her strength by working with powerful tools such as powerful scissors. Elisa was really trying to be part of a man’s world. Elisa power is not use to show Henry her husband that she can stick anything in the ground and make it grow, but rather come in contact with the world that she is a part of. Elisa is uncertain which side to show the world.…show more content…
In which Henry has never heard her speak that way. Henry should always compliment Elisa so she would have better understandings were Henry is coming from. Steinbeck states,” You look strong enough to break calf over your knee, happy enough to eat it like a watermelon”(238).It was not the answer Elisa wanted to hear. Elisa can still feel the power to keep her husband waiting in the car. Elisa kind of felt bum out while driving with Henry in to town. There she see the chrysanthemum in the road that say gave the tinker. The tinker although tossing the chrysanthemum in the road kept the pot, because he could sell it for a profit. While driving up the road with her husband she see the tinker’s wagon and turns her head as if she never saw it. That’s when Elisa’s strength began to weaken. She then question her husband Henry if boxers ever hurt themselves. Henry then replies “sure”. And then Elisa asked Henry if women attend boxing matches .That was Elisa way of entering a man’s business. Henry replies if she wanted to go see a boxing match. And Elisa replied Oh
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