New vs. Old America

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Mennat Elsayed US History II Period 3- Mr. Baurkot New America VS. Old America Modern American history is often examined by a central theme that characterizes a decade. The 1930s is symbolized by the Great Depression, while the 1960s is known for the Counterculture. Conservative and liberal ideas have always collided as some people were willing to embrace change while others preferred to maintain the status quo. This is most evident during the 1920s when the forces of New America clashed with the reactionary or conservative forces of Old America. The clash between New and Old America is evident with the topic of religion. During the times of Old America, people were particularly Protestant, and they took everything literally; everything in the Bible was taken word for word. During the Scopes Trial of 1925, the major issue was Darwin’s theory of evolution which clashed the description of creation in the bible. The Scopes Trial was against John Scopes who taught evolution in his classroom and later got arrested. Clarence Darrow defended Scopes while William Jennings Bryan went against him defending the bible/the prosecution. Clarence Darrow represented New America because he had a free idea of thinking while William Jennings Bryan represented Old America because he took everything stated in the Bible literally. The 1920s was a time when people were more conservative and literal. Similarly, race was also a continuous conflict between New and Old America. Blacks started to migrate to the North from the South during the Great Migration to find jobs and for overall better lives. Although the blacks thought that they would have better lives and jobs, they were still exploited. Because blacks were still exploited, Marcus Garvey started the “Back to Africa” movement which gained support from an estimated 2.5 million members. Blacks did not only have a hard time
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