Negative Aspects of Social Networks Essay

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Social networks are convenient for human’s general life, but there are three negative aspects for them. People can do everything on the Internet when they access websites; however, they usually have some negative bias and viewpoints. The public usually think they don’t have any privacy on the website, and they don’t really trust the resources on Internet. In addition, sometimes, most of people think they don’t really make friends and communicate deeply by using social networks. Even though social networks or Internet brings lots of benefits to people, the negative aspects always keep in everyone’s mind. First of all, the public enter the Internet too easily and lose lots of personal information frequently. When a person create an account on the websites, he or she usually ask” Is this website safe?” Sometimes, people think their privacy will be sold by business man, or the hackers may simply access company’s websites to steal their information. In life, there are too many examples about identity theft, so people are very afraid to give their privacy on the websites. As a result, most of people have a negative aspect to offer their individual information on the Internet, and they don’t feel safe to provide their privacy on the websites. Secondly, when people get resources from the Internet, they believe that they usually don’t have a great ability to evaluate whether a particular website is useful or not. The public usually search resources and do some research on the Internet. However, everyone can post everything on websites, so people may find the wrong resources, advertisements, and some unnecessary information on the websites. In addition, some companies or organizations may want to use websites to make money, so they post a fantastic topic and exaggerated content to attract people. Usually, these websites don’t have any educational and significant
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