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Vicente De Leon M. Frederick ENC 1145 11 Feb. 2015 A Critique of Wendell Berry’s “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer” Since the beginning of time, mankid have been telling stories. Wether they are myths, legends or epic narrative, stories were orally told from generations to generations. Around 3500 BCE, the first writing system was invented in Mesopotamia and Egypt. At first, no real alphabet was developed, but figures or drawings which told stories. From this source of telling stories, the Phoenicians developed the oldest alphabet on the history. By 2150 BCE, the first ever known epic story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, was ever written. The epic tale consisted of the stories of their gods or epic heroes. This kind of narrative became so popular…show more content…
He has written over thirty books which include poems, essays and novels. Berry is not only a recongize author, but also have been acknowledge for it as winner of the fellowships from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundations, a Lannan Foundation Award, and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Berry has caused controversy among other authors in his article for not buying a computer. He starts by enlisting and describing the many reasons he has for not buying a computer. Others authors were offended by Berry’s words because the article might seem aggressive and even attacking those authors who are used to write on computers. Berry is very decisive on his reasons, plus he tries to persuades his readers that buying a computer is a bad…show more content…
More than describing his reasons, he hopes that many other people identify with his ideas, so he don’t feel as the only one who degrades computers’ function. Berry’s article draws attention of the audience because we live in a society that barely looks up for reasons for not buying not only computers, but also any other technological advance. We live on a pro technology world. Past generations might always seem technology as an enemy because it is hard for them to catch up with technology. Berry’s intention to persuade readers depends whether the reader agrees or disagrees with his reasons. In the end, Berry presents his personal reasons he has for rejecting computer, but has no scientific evidence or any other way to support his reasons. In my personal opinion, Berry fails to persuade other than himself because most people could not identify with his reasons. The fact that many of what he considered his reasons’ strong seemed illogical to computers’ users. For that any many other factors, public might not feel persuade by

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