My Mom My Hero (Narrative Essay)

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Tracy Calin-Kerschke Narrative Essay 2/8/2011 My Mom, My Hero I found a lump in my breast. Those were the words that I awoke to on a cold December morning in 2005. After an unexpected snowstorm stranded my 2 children and me at my mother’s house over night, the only thought in my head that morning was how soon the plows would be down the snow filled street. At those words the noise of my small children and the cats meowing for food suddenly were forgotten. Looking back I remember now the thoughts swirling in my head, but at that time all I remember seeing in my head were visions of my childhood. My mom is a very strong woman. After getting divorced when my brother and I were very young, she had to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet. In 2004 my brother was away in the Marines and I was living in Wisconsin almost 2 hours away. My mom was finally living life for herself, when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Luckily it was caught in time and no treatments other than surgery were required. That diagnosis left mom with an attitude that she was given a second chance. She bought a new car and went on several trips with friends. No one expected that she would face the battle of a lifetime just a year later. Upon hearing those words I don’t think either of us knew what to think, much less say. We had just gotten pounded with a snowstorm, so calling her doctor at that moment was not possible. It was a cold Sunday morning, and all thoughts about hot coffee and warm cinnamon rolls were gone. I think my reaction upset her, so I pulled myself together and told her until she saw her doctor we could not worry about it. I know her actions the rest of the day were mainly for my kids, but for those brief hours we pretended that those 7 words had never been spoken. I left for home that afternoon, on the long ride home I thought about all the times in my life that my

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