My Mom Is My Hero

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Miriam Roberts Personal Essay: Who’s your hero? The heroics of today are mistakenly seen in the eyes of the people as, mutant super beings in capes and masks as portrayed in Hollywood, as opposed to what being a hero really means. A hero is someone who has made a huge impact on your life, someone who goes above and beyond for the good of others and expects nothing in return; who has been there for you inside and out, who has never let you down. My hero is my mom. When I think of my mom I think of how strong she is and how she has helped me throughout my 14 years. There hasn't been a time in my life where I was going through a hard time and my mom wasn't there, guiding me through it. After all the bad and rough times, put downs and fall downs I been through; there was only one person that endure my life. After all the mistakes I've done through the past years, it was her who helped me out. And those times when I was heartbroken or confused out of my mind, it was her who gave me advice. There is no other person you can trust enough to tell them every little detail that happens in your life, and there is no way you can find someone that would care about you like a mother would. Even If I run miles around the universe, there never be someone that would truly love me like my mother does. As an imperfect girl I am, my life has been based on many mistakes even though it is very common for a teenager to rebel, but unfortunately not everyone has the luck to have a mother by their side to guide them. Since I was a kid my mom always taught me to say the true even if it wasn't good, she taught me so many things in life; to ignore those who aren't you're true friends and what's good and bad. She helps me when I have problems. When I went to camp in NY, she called me whenever she had the chance. She would say that she wants me home because she is bored without me and

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