Curley's Wife Evil

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In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck portrays Curley’s wife as an evil women, when really she is not. She is more so a lost soul. Some argue that her flirtatious personality and how trouble always tends to find her often leaves her with a confusing background, portraying her as evil. Defining someone as evil is saying that they have bad morals and that they are wicked. Curley’s wife is definitely not evil. Being lonely, not respected and carrying around an unfulfilled dream takes a toll on her life. Being lonely can often have a positive and negative effect on a person’s life. Although Curley’s wife sometimes may corrupt a situation, she is not evil. Curley’s wife explained to Lennie about being lonely and how difficult it is on her. “’I get lonely… You can talk to people, but I talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad’” [Steinbeck 78]. Curley’s wife never has anyone to talk to; when she gets the chance she often ruins the mood. She did not want Lennie to hurt her, but Lennie is very unpredictable. The trouble had found her. Even without any other females around and having the life before Curley can leave someone feeling lost. Along with being lonely, Curley’s wife has an unfulfilled dream. Granted she had the chance to make that dream true, her mother would not allow it.…show more content…
Perhaps there are other women around; Curley’s wife is still mistreated. “’…think I’m gonna stay in that two-by-four house…’” [Steinbeck 78]. Curley’s wife is never referred to by her actual name; she is portrayed as Curley’s possession. All of the ranch workers like George, Carlson and Crooks are very rude to her. Even Curley doesn’t not refer to her by her name, he always says, “Where’s my wife?” which can we disrespectful. They talk badly of her by calling her a tart and everyone often shuts her out. Curley’s wife may be very flirtatious and her actions can cause a lot of problems, Curley is really the
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