Alienated Character in of Mice and Men

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Writers often use a character who is alienated from his or her culture or society in order to explore cultural or social values. Examine the idea. To start with, alienate means to exclude or separate thus the character I believe is alienated from his or her culture or society is Curley’s wife. At the outset, the writer, John Steinbeck decided to refer to her as “Curley’s wife”, why just like all the characters in the books does she not have a name? She could have been named Mary or any other name. The mere fact the author did not give her a name shows alienation in a sense that she is different and separated from the other characters in the book. Numerous activities on the ranch also point that indeed Curley’s wife is alienated from her society, firstly, the men on the ranch seem to dislike her as every time after she has spoken to them, they say negative or rather immoral things about her, for instance Whit called her a “looloo” after she came to the bunk looking for her husband and Candy confessed that she is pretty but “she got the eyes”. This led to George instructing Lennie to stay away from her because he does not him to be in trouble, this idea shows that the men on the ranch really disliked her and thus she was alienated from her society. Secondly, alienation is also portrayed by her position as the lone woman on the ranch, this means that she has no one to share her feelings with, to talk to and get to joke around with, she does not have a female friend which explains why half the time she flirts with the ranch workers. She is lonely. In addition, Curley keeps her home and does not want her mingling with other ranch workers, this can be picked from her conversation with Lennie when she said “I get lonely, you can talk to people, but I can’t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How’d you like not to talk to anybody?”. This also brings the idea
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