A Yellow Raft In Blue Water

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Compare and Contrast: Christine and Ida A Yellow Raft in Blue Water shows the effectiveness of a braid, and each of the three strands of hair represents a different section of the novel; therefore, a different character. Of the three characters, Christine and Ida seem to have the most unusual relationship. The gap they both have from each other is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Christine is Ida’s “daughter” but they never get along well. Even though Christine and Ida have many similarities and differences, their past influences their behaviors, but also instructs them to change their present lives. A Yellow Raft in Blue Water shows the effectiveness of a braid, and Aunt Ida is the linchpin that connects all three narrative sections in Dorris' novel. Of all the female characters in the novel, Ida is the most stable, strong, and self-determined. For example, she fights Clara for the right to raise Christine as her own, legal child even though she knows that she's giving up her life's independence. Even more, she intentionally rejects Willard Pretty Dog as a lover after she learns that she's pregnant with his child. Aside from her self-determined inner human, Ida is known to be very stubborn. Manipulated and betrayed by people she trusted, Ida commits herself to withdrawing from the world and refuses to interact except on her own terms. Her silence creates confusion and misunderstanding in the lives of the children she raises, and this confusion and misunderstanding are in turn passed on to Rayona. Ida is primarily a static character, unlike Christine, Ida does not grow and change. As she herself puts it, “I never grew up, but I got old.” (Dorris, pg. 297) Ida is an old woman, but her emotions have never grown or evolved. Ida spends every day in the same routine of chores. She improves her house and adds television to her schedule, but for the most part does
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