Loneliness in 'of Mice and Men' Novel

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Question : How does Steinbeck present the theme of loneliness through the characters in the novel? Ans: Steinbeck describes loneliness in of mice and men through many characters. In the first starting line of the novel Steinbeck use word "Soledad" which means loneliness in spanish. The author almost every character lonely in novel except George and Lennie because they are friends and together. The loneliest person in the entire novel is Crooks. He is a stable buck and only black guy work on ranch. He never talk to nobody. He is not allowed to live in bunkhouse with other guys. He live alone in a room but nobody is allowed to go into his room. He always read books because he has no one to talk with. When he was talking to Lennie he said, "A guy needs somebody -to be near him" and he also said ,"A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody". It shows that he was really feeling lonely. Another thing he cried, "I tell ya a guy gets too lonely and , he gets sick. His words describing his loneliness. Along with this he feels himself very down because of his colour. Crooks felt very small when Curly's wife address him "Nigger". Another character is Curley's wife who is very lonely. Steinbeck shows lonliness by showing her only women on the ranch. She is lonely because at that time author is writing ,women were used to stay at home and not allowed to go out. She always flirts with the male workers of the ranch to seek attention.She always try to talk to somebody but no one is ready to talk to her. For evidence she said to Lennie,"I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely". It shows she was very lonely."I get lonely " she said repetition of word describes her loneliness. Another piece of evidence ,to suggest that Curly,s wife is lonely is that she had no name ! She was unhappy with her married life because she told Lennie that she don't like Curly( her husband).
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