The Great Gilly Hopkins

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The Great Gilly Hopkins By Katherine Daterson In the novel, The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Daterson, there were some characters that had to overcome obstacles. The three characters were Gilly, W.E and Mrs. Trotter. Throughout the book, we learn about each obstacle the characters will encounter and how they overcome their obstacle. Also, the book expresses how important friends and family are to help you overcome certain obstacles in your life. One of the characters is Gilly. Gilly was a tough, mean girl. One of her obstacles was leaving Mrs, Trotter’s home. She did not want to leave Mrs Trotter’s home because she loved it there and she did not want to go to her grandma’s house. Gilly overcame her obstacles by going with the flow and off to her grandma’s house even though she was very sad. She did not want to feel sad anymore and knew she could not go back to Mrs. Trotter’s home, so instead of feeling upset she decided to write letters to Mrs. Trotters. This helped Gilly overcome her obstacle. In addition, another character who had to overcome an obstacle was W.E. An obstacle that W.E faced and had to overcome was being shy. He overcame this with the help from Gilly. Gilly spoke to him and hung out with him. Later W.E. started to become more outgoing and started to talk to others. W.E found that with a little help from his friend, he was not shy anymore. Also, another character who had to overcome an obstacle was Mrs. Trotter. The obstacle that Mrs. Trotter had to overcome was to stop babying W.E She overcame this by letting Gilly teach W.E how to be more mature and do things by himself. Gilly did not let Mrs. Trotter baby W.E. anymore. Later Mrs. Trotter tried to never baby W.E again and W.E was more mature. With the help from Gilly, Mrs. Trotter was slowly trying to let go and let W.E be more independent. These three characters,

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