My Life During The Crusades: My Story

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Life during the Crusades: My Story 7th period World History 18 Dec. 2013 Mr. Davis Christian 1 Mr. Davis 7th period World History Life during the Crusades: My Story I suppose it is that time of year again. The leaves have fallen from their trees, the nights are long and the days are shorter, and the air is moist and chilling. Hopefully, this cold wind shall pass soon. It is an average day for me, and I am just an average girl. Despite my aristocratic status, and wealth of course (#3). I was born in Paris, France (#14) to the name of Bethany Elizabeth Hilton (#1) by my father, Jorge Hilton, a well-known doctor (#4), and my mother, Katie Hilton a housewife (#5). The year was 1193 (#2). Supposedly you can say that we are privileged…show more content…
I am educated through school (#9) (#12), which I am almost done with school. I only have about two years to go. It is exciting, yet it makes me nervous. I do not yet know what I wish to do. Mother often tries to enlighten me on possible careers for me. She plans that I follow in father’s footsteps, but I am not quite sure if I wish to teach or become a doctor. I mostly am focused on graduating from school, hopefully I will find something that peaks my interest. . When I am not busy with academics I entertain myself by partaking in the arts, such as music, drawing, and reading (#8). Of all these things I must say reading is my favorite, and when i am not reading a novel i am writing one of my own (#11). I try to keep as much happiness as possible. Though I appear cheery, it is all a performance. I view myself as a fun loving person. I am always laughing and smiling, and if others are not I try to make them do so (#17). Things have been really difficult lately. The year is 1280, and the Crusades are still going on. As soon as I come home from school I must assist mother in taking care of house duties. Mother has not been feeling well lately, for she has been helping the maids and butlers take on responsibilities at home, and has been…show more content…
Mother feels it is important for a girl my age to know how to speak both English and French (#10). Mother’s symptoms have seemed to have increased; she has been on bed rest for about two weeks. Father has not been working, for he has been caring for her. Father is our main source of income (#19). Although we have our inheritance stored, mother still prefers for father to work. She knows how much father values his job. His patients love him so much as well. He may be worried about her, but through his worry you can see his sadness from not being on his job. I cannot bear seeing my parents like this! I want them to be happy and feel well. This mansion (#16) has grown quite and gloomy. Only mother, father, and I stay in the mansion (#7). Today some relatives have come to visit mother. She is doing a little better. Father said she must have been overworking herself. As usual when we have guests, mother requires I put on my best attire. I must wear my finest dress and shoes (#20). To me it seems no different because I wear similar apparel every day. We are to have a special family dinner. The butlers and maids have cleaned the house spotless. Father said he has a surprise for after dinner. I cannot contain myself; I wonder what we are having. I am filled with so much anxiousness and excitement! I am finally done eating dinner. It was delicious; I must have eaten too much because I am stuffed. My aunts, uncles, and cousins gather around and

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