My Greatest Influence in Life. Essay

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My Greatest Influence in Life Terra Wallace English 121 English Composition Bethann Crust December 13, 2012 There are many people in the world that leaves strong imprints in people lives. There is one specific person that has left such a strong imprint on my life. This woman is not only a friend she is my confidant, pastor, mother, and a strong influence on my life. Her name is Sharon. She is a beautiful woman not only on the inside but on the outside as well. She has a smile that will lift your spirits and bring you joy even in times of sorrow. She has a voice that is sweet and strong. Her voice can bring healing to your bones. Sharon always wants the best for everyone no matter what condition they are in. Sharon has watched and helped me grow into the woman that I am today. I am very grateful for all the time, tears, prayers and love she has put into me over the years. When I first met Ms. Sharon I was a young lady. As I got to know her I became a woman. When I first seen her she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Her style of dress was incredible. She had beautiful long black hair and skin that was like an almond caramel color. She looked as if she came out of an essence magazine. She dressed like a professional lawyer that had her own type of personal distinction. She wore what I thought was the latest style of clothing. Not only was her outside beautiful, but her inside was gorgeous. When she spoke to you she was very compassionate. Sharon would always make sure you were comfortable before she began to share the love she had for Jesus Christ. When she began to talk about that love she sounded as if she were an angel. Her words would touch a place in your heart that only God could touch. She would let the Lord use her in any way possible and that’s where I believe her beauty came from. Sharon always gave words of

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