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You Choose Book Project Citation: Zarr, Sara. How to save a Life. New York: Little, Brown, 2011. Print. 5 Words: Inclination- At a tilt or slant, bent Page 28 “Dad understood my natural inclination away from tenderness because it’s just like his was.” Eucalyptus- An Australian evergreen tree Page 61 “The environmentally correct eucalyptus dryer sheet his mom likes.” Cynic- a person that believes selfishness is what motivates a person Page 92 “I’m not trying to be a cynic.” Lethargic- having a lack of energy, being sluggish or lazy Page 178 “I asked, more out of impatience at her being so lethargic than out of caring to know.” Recourse- a need of help in tough situations Page 202 “No legal recourse for you mom if Mandy decides to take off.” Question: #4…show more content…
Even though she had made bad choices, and had been through tough situations. Mandy always seemed to have a positive attitude. She seemed to pend on a lot of situations that I feel make her a good mother. She always had her baby’s best interest in mind; which brought her to the place she really needed. In the end her and her baby got the help they were looking for, and were adopted into the family. This was all because she wanted to do the right thing for her child. This made me highly respect Mandy, and I had this feeling about her the entire book. People that do the right thing get

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