Personal Narrative: Mrs. Williams

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When asked to write about someone who has affected me, a specific person comes to mind. She was very wise, filled with sweetness, and cared about the kids she taught. The person I chose to write about is Mrs. Cheryl Williams. Mrs. Williams has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is slender. Her skin is as beautiful and pale as a fresh blanket of winter snow. She is middle aged and has 2 beautiful children. When I look back on my eighth grade year, I immensely remember the stress I had pulsing through my veins. Mrs. Williams was always there, to coach me and keep me going. The words from her polite mouth always of encouragement and wisdom. She seemed to be filled to the brim with unending love and compassion. In others opinions she was, "lenient, understanding and wise."…show more content…
Williams is truly a gift that only comes sparingly to one. Often we are stuck with teachers who think they know things but are actually filled with false knowledge. But, Mrs. Williams was genuine and honest. One could say that she had a very knowledgeable vibe about her. I believe Mrs. Williams left an impact on every child who was blessed enough to have her. When compared to a few other teachers I have had, there is a very practical reason why Mrs. Williams sticks out. Her thoughtfulness and cheeriness top the charts. Mrs. Williams has influenced me so greatly that I have decided to become an English teacher. I only hope to be half as great as her. So in conclusion, Mrs. Williams stands out because she was compassionate, skilled, and totally devoted to her

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