My Freshmen Year

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My Freshmen Year Freshmen come from the rootword “fresh” which means opening up a new field of experience and “men” which means a man. One person is called freshmen when he/she is a student in his first year of a four-year high school. It is the time that we are becoming a more mature person from our past childhood experiences. It is a year that we meet new schoolmates and friends from different kinds of school in the province. During my first day as a freshman I went to school early to attend the flag ceremony, after the flag ceremony we attended the Orientation where the teachers introduce themselves to the freshmen students. I got a seat second to the last at the back. My seatmate to the right is my old classmate Gia and to the left my new classmate named Princess. We all introduced ourselves to each other. On the second day our adviser rearranged our seats and I got the seat from the second row, I was surrounded by my new classmates. As days pass I met some of my new classmates, and everyday I get to know about them even more. We attended the first activity called Charter Day that is the anniversary of our school. We celebrated it for three days we all danced for the field demo during the celebration of Charter Day.. Then we had the voting for the PGO and SBO Officers. We all joined the PGO and SBO Induction even though we will wear our school uniforms and we will have no dance competition, but it is ok because our old classmates Shilley and Ate Rasnea went to visit us and watch the Induction, we had so much fun that day. The next activity was the Intramurals our section was with the II-Daffodils and IV-Einstein we were the Unit I, we also had the field demo of our unit. At the last day our Unit won the over-all score in all the games. We celebrated our Christmas Party at our room, we all received our gifts and after our party we had the bingo

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