My First Semester Of College

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Allison Perrymond Archer ASC 101 29 November 2011 I made it through my first semester The first year of college can be a new and exciting journey for many students. Students can also take on new experiences in their first year of college; it can also come with bumps along the way. As a student he or she must find a way to balance their new life as a college student and their transitions. There will be difficulty transitioning such as adapting to new the new environment, trying to make new friends and difficulty with class work. Adjusting to an environment that you’re not used to can be too much for some students. You have to get used to the new living arrangements and having a roommate. Having a roommate is a great college experience. College brings a great opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Making new friends can also help to adjust to the new surroundings. A lot of students sometimes become afraid of the first year of college. This may lead to different types of academic difficulties. Some may face test anxiety and trouble concentrating. If a student gets the feeling that the work load is becoming too much, they should meet with their advisor, go to on campus tutoring or join a study group. Mostly all students go through some academic difficulties, but it is important to always stay positive and get the help they need. As a first year student I consider myself a balloon lost in the sky trying to find its way. The reason I say that is because as a first year student I was let off into a place where I was not familiar with anything and I was lost. I was just floating around looking for a place to adapt, somewhere to belong. I’ve never learned anything that was taught to me this semester, I might have witnessed those concepts

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