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First Job Essay Am. Lit. P. 3 Heeju Park Mrs. Walker Submission Date: Oct. 23, 2013 Teenagers begin their first job at the family business or at a store. During vacations or after school, teenagers work to earn money for college or a car. My first job was at my dad's children’s clothing store called Magic Edition in Seoul, South Korea. I helped my dad work on tedious but crucial tasks, or as he would call it, “the most important job”- paperwork. When I was in 8th grade, I was an assistant at my dad’s office. My dad exports children’s clothes from Europe to sell in Korea. Because he travels all over the world and manages five clothing stores, he is extremely busy. I helped my dad complete worksheets, order forms, invoices, and catalogues. Getting my first job was exciting because I earned money but also realized it was hard because I had to stay at the office for long hours. I believe I had the most nerve-wracking job in the office because I was among professionals. Since I was the only teenager in the office, most of the staff did not want to give me the important tasks. However, my dad trusted me and gave me the task of filling out order forms. The order forms are the most important because it indicates the number of items we order from Europe. I made a horrible mistake of writing the order in the Korean form instead of writing it in the European form. The staff became very stressed out. They worked extra hard to make up for my mistake, and I felt very guilty. From here on, I learned my lesson: mistakes happen, so stay focused and work together to solve problems. Although I felt terrible, I was thankful that the staff stayed long hours and re-filled the order forms for me. They told me it was alright to make mistakes and encouraged me by giving me another task of organizing boxes of shoes. With that task, I stayed focused and completed it with

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