My Experience of the Beautiful Game Essay

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My first experience of the beautiful game Soccer/football is undeniably the most loved sport in the world. There are fans from all around the world supporting different clubs and national team’s .It doesn’t matter what culture you are from, what colour your skin is, what religion you believe in or what language you speak, people can always communicate with each other through soccer. If you are a player, manager, journalist or even a fan, everyone will always have a specific memory of why and how they fell in love with the game. The first ever soccer game that I watched was when I was at the age of 7. It was the 2001 – 2002 season in the English Premier League where a team name Arsenal was battling a very famous club even a non-soccer fan has heard of name Manchester United for the title. On May 8th of 2002 Arsenal had to face one of their hated rivals Manchester United in their enemy’s backyard. The gunners were ahead of the red devils by 1 point with only 1 game to go, all they needed was a victory to secure their title. I was lucky enough to watch that game as my first ever soccer game. I didn’t know the rules and regulations of the game at all. I had no idea what was going on, all I heard was chanting and some kind of posh English commentary which I wasn’t even familiar with at that time. Although I got to admit that English accent which was coming loudly out of the TV made my experience a whole better. Arsenal were dressed in their away kit which was gold and blue while Manu were dressed in their famous red and white. The game was pretty intense, the players were doing some heavy tackles and I can tell they were exchanging harsh words. There was a moment when a fight broke out between an Arsenal and a Manu player, where this Manu player happened to punch the arsenal player on the face! As soon as that incident happened the entire bench from both the parties

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