My Career Goals Have Been Shaped by My Acquired Experience Essay

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My Career goals have been shaped by my acquired experience. The field of nursing has long interested me because I find myself compassionate about providing care to sick individuals. I think that the field of nursing may serve as a way for me to help individuals especially during their most difficult times such as illness and accidents. My interest in nursing arose more so after the birth of my Identical Twins. The birth of my Twins was a rather tedious and difficult one, They were born at twenty four weeks gestation. The healthcare professional team that took care of me was very diligent in making sure that my delivery process went as smoothly as possible due that it was a last second unplanned delivery and at the end of the ordeal, I was blessed with beautiful baby boys. This experience caused me to have a new level of respect for healthcare professionals and has motivated me to pursue nursing as a career. My life experiences which have everything to do with my twins health needs and the twenty four hour nursing care that they get are relevant to me wanting to be a part of the nursing profession because they all involve in taking care of them, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. The Experience of having twins at twenty four weeks and being diagnosed with preeclampsia as well as HELP syndrome, H (hemolysis, which is the breaking down of red blood cells), EL (elevated liver enzymes) and LP (low platelet count), and TTTS, Twin to twin transfusion syndrome. TTTS is a random abnormality of a monochorionic placenta that causes one identical twin to receive less than normal amounts of blood supply during pregnancy while the other receives too much. The babies share blood vessels in their placenta that cause an imbalance of blood flow and nutrients between them. There are degrees

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