Idaho State Board Of Nursing Case Study

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A. I will use the Nursing Board in Idaho as a reference to how a board of nursing (BRN) functions contrasts to that of a professional nursing organization (PNO). The Idaho State Board of Nursing (ISBN) is an example of a regulatory agency. It can be better understood by this mission statement that illustrates their purpose which, “…is to regulate nursing practice and education for the purpose of safeguarding the public health, safety, and welfare” (ISBN, 2010). In order to reach this ideal the ISBN has 9 board members and 11 people on their board staff. They have different responsibilities and roles but overall the goal is to govern nursing practice in Idaho. Some of the various roles are; providing oversight for licensure, practice,…show more content…
I can identify with more than one nursing theory influencing my practice but the one I most readily relate with is Julia Brenner’s Theory of Novice to Expert. I believe the reasons started when I was a brand new nurse at a small rural critical access hospital. They sent me to a class for “novice” nurses. It was a class that purpose was to further educate and provide an environment where we could voice our experiences. The hospital had a hard time retaining employees and one motive for the class was helping new nurses feel more comfortable and helping us have meaningful, fulfilling employment. In this class we learned about a lot of things but we learned about Julia Brenner’s theory and it has always since stayed with me. I now work in the recovery area of a much larger hospital and have worked in several departments. I have gained a lot of great experience and I have seen my growth described by Brenner’s model. Most importantly though, is probably the fact that I borrowed ideas from that class and from Brenner’s model and have instituted parts into the orientation of new staff-members within my current department. We have shared governance groups in our and I have the responsibility in my group of helping with orientation with our educator. I have a diagram drawn up for all the new orientees of qualities “novice” recovery nurses have all the way to expert. It is only for a reference while working in the department to evaluate our personal attributes and skills. I have found reflecting on this I have seen days when I do not perform to my potential and days where I’m happy to see skills I have developed progressing my practice. I know this theory fits my practice no matter what stage I’m in and can help us when we are a student, new in a department, or a seasoned advanced

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