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I came to Chestnut Grove today to talk to you about maturity. I matured a lot when the doctors told me that I might have soft tissue sarcoma which is a type of cancer that affects the bone, joints, and soft tissue. I learned to appreciate my family more because if it wasn’t for them I would not have been able to do much around the house. My mom and dad continued to work twelve hour shifts every day and still make it back in time for my appointments at Wake Forest Baptist hospital which is all the way in Winston Salem and cancer visits are not cheap so they also had to give up a lot of money for that. My brother was really little at the time but he still did his best to help me with anything I needed, like getting me a drink or if I left something in my room he would go get it so I…show more content…
My friends Bethany and Hannah went to the hospital with me every week. Some of my other friends who had their license would give me a ride to my appointments if my parents or grandparents could not take me. They would also sit in the waiting room when I was having tests done, like when I had to have surgery for them to have samples of my tissue or when I had to have x-rays or an MRI. They also helped me through out the school year, they helped me carry my things and helped me walk to and from classes. Sometimes they would talk to me about it if I was having a bad day because of it. My mom and dad’s friends would also come over to visit a lot and they brought my favorite foods, like chicken alfredo, pizza, and sometimes my favorite dessert which is chocolate cake, if they knew we were going to get home late so I would not have to eat the disgusting hospital food which tasted stale and cold . My friends taught me that just the littlest things can make a difference in a friendship like driving some one to and from somewhere or just giving them support when they need it or just helping them when they need

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