The Music In The Vantage Point

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Today, like paintings or movies, music is one of the artworks. When we listen to music, we imagine the situation the music describes. Therefore, good music is required to be in harmony with lyrics and melodies. The film music like O.S.T (Original Sound Track) is also same as other music. The Film music helps audiences understand well the movie scene and make audiences move their feelings. For these reason, the film music play an important role in the movie. Thus, the music director of the film makes the decisions what sounds is well matching and effective for the film. This director uses the melody, effective sound, noise or even silence to maximize audiences’ satisfaction, movie’s perfection. I went to the theater last weekend in order to write the music and film essay. I was happy because it had been a long time to see a movie in the theater. There are many movies which are showing in the theater. It was so difficult for me to choose the movie which has a good music and story. Thus, I picked the movie “Vantage Point” rated “B plus” on yahoo’s movie. Besides, I like the main character “Forest Whitaker” who was also main character of “Twilight Zone (2002).” This movie’s pace is generally fast. I thought this kind of the movie is good for my music essay because there may be a lot of effective sound and music. Truly, this movie wasn't what I was expecting it to be. With a great cast I thought it would be the first well made film of this year. The meaning of “Vantage Point” is a place from which you can see a lot of things. As we know from the title of this movie, the basic idea of this movie is that 8 lives are involved somehow with the U.S. president assassination, and each new viewpoint provides information or plot twists to further the story. The way the script was written is that basically at the end of each viewpoint, the viewers are left with a very thrilling

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