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Assignment 02 General Student Information Name of Student: Gleressa Gregorio Address: PO Box 3440 Florida 1710 Subject code: PRS2015 Student no: 33209057 Unique no: 875466 Assignment number 02 for PRS2015 Student’s comments: I am thoroughly enjoying this module, it is fun and I absolutely love music and had no idea that it is an important factor for young development. Assignment 02 PRS2015 Question 1 Discuss the influence of music on the child’s total development. Briefly mention the interrelationship of the different aspects. Use music examples to motivate the development area. Intellectual development – may be partially inherited, but there must still be a coordination of actions, as can be observed in the baby searching for the nipple. The lap baby in the music classroom, accompanied by a parent, will stop crying at the sight and sound of an instrument (bells, shaker) and will remember faces (parent and teacher). Emotional development – affective stability constitutes feelings of safety and security which originate in the relationship between a child and his environment, and between a child and those whom he looks for help and guidance. The lap baby in the music classroom becomes frustrated and cries at his lack of success. The three to five year old child needs a climate of trust to feel secure and comfortable. He likes taking turns and having fun. Motivation development – originates from within the individual and nurtures the urge to learn. Music has the power to relax, energise and motivate learners. When experiencing success they feel good about themselves. Motor development – The physical development of a child includes how his body grows and develops. Each child is physically different from all other, because he has inherited certain genes, qualities and a temperament from his own parents. All children, however need the

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