Cyp Core 3.1 (1.1)

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The stages and sequences of holistic development from birth to 19 Physical Development | Gross motor skills | Fine motor skills | The baby lies supine on his or her back). | The baby turns his or head towards the light and stares at bright or shiny objects. | When placed on his or her front (Prone) the baby lies with his or head to one side and by one month can lift the head. | The baby is fascinated my human faces and gazes attentively at carer’s face when fed or held. | If the baby is pulled into a sitting position, the head will lag the back curves over and the head falls forward. | The baby’s hands are usually tightly closed. | | The baby reacts to loud sounds but by one month may be soothed by particular music | The first month Communication and language Development | Babies need to share language experiences and cooperate with others from birth onwards. Babies need other people from the start. | The baby responds to sounds especially familiar sounds. | The baby quietens when picked up. | The baby makes eye contact. | The baby cries to indicate a need e.g. Hunger, dirty nappy etc | The baby may move his or her eyes towards the direction of the sound | Intellectual Development | Babies explore through their senses and through their own activity and movement | Touch | From the beginning babies feel pain. | The babies face, abdomen, hands and the soles of his or her feet are also very sensitive to touch. | The baby perceives the movements that he or she makes and the way other people move him or her about through his or her senses. | For example the baby gives a startle response if they are moved suddenly, this is called the ‘Moro‘ or startle reflex. | Sound | Even a newborn baby will turn to a sound; The baby might become still and listen to a low sound or quicken his or her movements when he or she hears a high
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