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mung bean lab Essay

  • Submitted by: bricemaruna
  • on March 16, 2009
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Mung Bean Experiment
Lab Report

I. Introduction
In this experiment, mung bean seeds are being tested for growth in populated areas. Mung beans are commonly grown in East Asia and the Orient.

II. Purpose and Hypothesis
The purpose of this experiment is to discover mung bean plant growth habits in crowded, or no crowded areas. My hypothesis is that if there are a lot of mung beans in one cup, then the plants will not flourish (as well) due to the fact that they will be fighting for space, nutrients and sunlight.

III. Materials
1. 4 paper cups
2. 15 mung bean seeds
3. Potting soil
4. Probe
5. Water
6. Grow Lights
7. Tape
8. Sharpie (or other marker)
9. Ruler

IV. Procedures
1. Using the probe, poke three holes in each of the four paper cups, in the same spot on each cup.
2. Evenly fill each cup Ā¾ full with potting soil .
3. Plant 1 mung bean seed in one cup (set aside)   2 mung bean seeds in another cup (set aside) 4 seeds in a third cup (set aside) and 8 seeds in the last cup (also set aside).
4. Label each of the cups using tape and a marker. Distinctly mark which cup has 1 seed, 2 seeds, 4 seeds and 8 seeds.
5. Place the cups under the glow light.
6. Water each cup evenly , on a regular basis.
7. After (equal) allotted amount of time to allow the mung bean plants to grow, measure the stem of each plant using the ruler.
8. Then average the height of each cup.

V. Data

Cup Number Number of Seeds Number of Sprouts Average Height
1 1 1 24.70 cm
2 2 2 27.25 cm
3 4 4 27.50 cm
4 8 8 25.23 cm


VI. Analysis
From the data collected throughout conducting the Mung Beans Experiment, I can assume that mung beans grow better in areas more populated with other mung beans. The cup with only one mung bean seed in it produced the shortest plant of the four cups. On the other hand, the cup with the tallest average mung bean plant contained four seeds and...

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