5.05 Mixtures and Solutions

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Title Ink Chromatography Lab Background Information and Research 1. An ink chromatography is a way to separate a mixture. It uses solvents to separate the dyes that are used to make the color which is why there are more colors on the paper than what you start with. Paper chromatography has a variety of uses here are three that pertain to chemistry and biology. Paper chromatography can be used in separating amino acids and anions, RNA fingerprinting, and testing histamines and antibiotics.(Infromation received from sonic.org Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to separate the dyes that these markers are composed of and show how chromatography works. Materials * Four different markers (including one black permanent marker) * Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol * Coffee filters (2) * Tall glasses or plastic cups (2) * Pencil * Ruler * Tape * Table salt * Water * Measuring cups/spoons * Clean pitcher or 2-liter bottle Procedure 1. Your first task is to cut the coffee filter into a rectangle measuring three cm by nine cm. You will need 2 for this lab. 2. Using a pencil, draw a line one cm from the edge of one end of one strip of paper. 3. Make four pencil dots for each marker along this line, about 0.5 cm apart from each other. Underneath each dot, label the marker using abbreviations that will be tested. . 4. Use your 4 markers to draw a different colored dot on each of the pencil marks on the paper strip. Allow the markers ink to dry, and then go back recolor each dot. 5. Prepare the saltwater mixture by mixing 1/8 teaspoon of salt and three cups of water in a clean 2-liter bottle. Stir or shake the solution until it is dissolved. This will produce a 1% salt solution. 6. Pour the salt mixture into a clean glass just tall enough that the bottom of the paper can touch

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