Lab 5: Osmosis

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Lab 5: Osmosis Purpose The purpose of this lab is to familiarize you with osmosis and, specifically, what happens to cells when they are exposed to solutions of differing tonicities. Hypothesis Since the 1% sugar solution is being placed into the same type of environment (1% sugar solution), the result should be no change in weight of the simulated cell. However, when the 1% sugar solution is placed into a 50% sugar solution environment, the cell will shrink in size because of the hypertonic tonicity; the water will rush out of the cell to create equilibrium through osmosis, resulting in the shrinkage of the cell. On the contrary, when a 50% and a 20% sugar solution are placed onto an environment of 1% sugar solution, respectively, the cells will bloat up and explode (possibly not in this experiment depending on the strength of our tubing) due to the hypotonic tonicity; the water from the 1% sugar solution will rush into the cell to create an equal amount of solute-to-solution ratio inside, and outside, of the cell. Materials & Methods Materials: · Scale · 4 6” Dialysis Tubing · 4 Transfer Pipets · Sugar · Scissors · Rubber Bands · 4 Same-Sized Coffee Cups · 250ml Graduated Cylinder · Tape Measure · Sauce Pan · 3 600ml Containers · Plastic Covering · Spoon Methods: 1.) Place 4 6” pieces of dialysis tubing into coffee cups full of tap with and leave them for two hours prior to beginning the experiment. 2.) As you wait, prepare your three sugar solutions. For the first solution, pour 5 grams of sugar into 250ml graduated cylinder and add water up to the 250ml mark. Place the plastic covering on the top of the cylinder and mix the contents. When finished, place the contents into the sauce pan. Fill up the cylinder, again, with 250ml of water and place into the same sauce pan. Heat the mixture

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