Multiple Attachments In Children Essay

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Do children need multiple attachment figures? Attachment is a rather complex and emotionally reliant connection between an infant and it’s caregiver however in many psychological cases and studies children have been found to develop attachments not just with their primary caregiver i.e. mothers, they could also form attachments with third parties i.e. a maternal substitute or father as long as the infant was receiving some sort of care. Children really need attachment figures that can provide care .Usually this would come in the form of a single care provider however there are certain circumstances were multiple attachments figures are needed in order to ensure basic survival. This would mean that evolutionary theory of attachment would be more applicable to Tina’s situation. As Tina would be too busy taking care of her child, she would not be able to buy herself the necessities needed to care for the baby as well as herself. This would mean that the father would have to be introduced into the relationship in order to ensure their basic future survival as the father may be able to provide these resources while the mother can…show more content…
In terms of learning theory attachment is an emotional connection an infant must learn to form over time that goes both ways especially from the point of view of the caregiver however there is only space for one attachment figure in the infant’s life. There are many studies that have been produced to show

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