Multicultural Issues In Educating Esme

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Educating Esme: pages 40-78 The very first paragraph of this section of the book presents an issue. Esme stated “If they want a normal classroom experience, they’re going to get one.” She says this because someone stole a comic from her own library. I understand that she is upset, but Esme is punishing the whole class for one student’s actions. Is it right to do this? Esme deals with a student’s parent. This is one thing that has always worried me about my teaching career. While Esme took the library away because something had been stolen, the parent felt insulted that the teacher did not trust her child. An author is going to the school; she is also African American. This is good, as the school is almost completely all black. The principle says it is okay to have an assembly, as long as Esme takes care of everything. I feel…show more content…
This is great, but the girl is not putting voodoo spells on people. This is definitely a multicultural issue. Many students wouldn’t even have a clue what this means. Esme is so flamboyant! She dresses in a crazy costume and roller blades down the hall to get the student! She has her students say “Play Ball!” at the end of the national anthem in the mornings. During the assembly she worries that they may do so for everyone to hear! The assembly is great. They learned about Addy’s African roots from the book. One issue shocked me! A boy won the Addy doll that was being given from the author. The principle went up on stage and made comments how a boy should not win because it is a doll!! Until Esme stopped him, he almost embarrassed the boy. The children call Esme “Madame Esme.” The principle has a problem with this, and she explains that she is not everybody else, so she should not be called by something she isn’t. In December, Madame Esme says that she doesn’t know “how such poor unprivileged children can be such spoiled

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