The lies unfold in Leaving Atlanta

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“The Lies Unfold in Leaving Atlanta” The novel Leaving Atlanta takes place in downtown Atlanta, GA in 1979. The story has three main parts, and in each part there is a different 5th grade narrator. In each part there are lies and deceit that take place throughout the book. Some of the lies are meant for someone’s own good, and others are just lies that have no point what so ever. Nearing the end of the book lies is built to the max and some fall apart, while others are never explained. In the beginning of the book the lies already start to unfold when Tasha’s father moves out. The first thought of this wasn’t so bad for Tasha because the way her father told her this news. He said “But your mother and I think that it is best if we live apart right now.” (p.10) What he said was not a lie, but it was certainly was not the truth. The way he said this to Tasha makes her have this sense of false hope in that her parents are not separated, they are just “living apart.” This quickly unfolds at school when one of the girls loses a game to Tasha and says “I just let you win because my mother told me that everyone is suppost to be nice to you because your parents are getting separated and everything.” (p.7) This confuses Tasha, and makes her question what her father and mother said to her and if they were telling her the truth or not. In the second part of the book the lies are not as apparent as the lies are in part one and in part three. In part two the lies are more a cove up of what is really happening in this family’s life. Such as Rodney’s mother, who feels that lying to herself about her family’s social class makes her look better as a person. This is evident when Rodney says “Never mind that the shoe box she chose to make your sister’s diorama conspicuously bears the label of her only Italian pumps.”(p.88) She is trying to make herself feel better

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