Mu 2.8 Answers

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MU 2.8 - contribution to the support of the positive environments for children and young people. 1.1 A positive environment is a place where a child can learn and develop to their own potential and is praised on a regular basis for their achievement and also a positive enviroment is something that supports every child and young person's learning and development in a challenging but achievable way. 1.2 Regulatorys requirements for settings that have children and young people under 16 in the setting for more that two hours a day are detailed In the ofsted's national standards. They include the following requirements: Clean and well maintained Ventilation on locks toughened glass and windows Good space and storage Good security on all external doors and gates locked and coded as appropriate; handles and door locks out of reach from children. Appropriate temperture (15-18 decrees for babies) (20-22 for other children) Safe and adequate supply of hot food,cold and drinking water Sole use of premises during session Insurance 4.1 The basic nutrition requirments are that the average child should include 33% fruit and vegetables 33% bread, cereals, and oats, 12% meat and fish, 7% of sweet and fatty foods and then 15% of milk and
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