Mt140-13 Unit 9 Assignment

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1. Dalman and Lei are trying to create a way to have customers order their things by using an e-customer order system. The purpose is to have orders complete without any errors. By using e-customers people will be able to put in orders themselves and workers wont have to make any mistakes. With this technology workers wont have to be so overwhelmed by the amount of customers. Therefore the workers do mess up on people’s orders. 2. Essential activities to follow will increase the interest and commitment with in Sandwich Blitz work force and also help with education and provided excellent service to your customers. • Start honest discussions, and give dynamic and convincing reasons to get people talking and thinking • Work on team building within your change coalition. • Create a strategy to execute vision. • Talk often about the change vision. • Identify those resisting change, and help them see what’s needed. • Reward the people who help meet the targeted goals. • Continue to set goals to build on the momentum of what has been achieved. • Include the change ideals and values when hiring and training new staff. 3. Dalman and Lei must provide reasons to back up the use of the e-customers order system. They must be professional and show others how useful this could be. Dalman and Lei must provide a well thought out plan to advertise this invention and show the managers, employees and customers how this will be the solution to many problems that people
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