Person Centered Planning

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Factsheet - Person Centered Planning Summary • Person Centered Planning is a way of assisting people to work out what they want; the support they require and helping them get it. • Person Centered Planning has the person at the center, is carried out in alliance with friends and family and is focused on getting real lives for people. • Person Centered planning plays a particularly important role in delivering objectives in the “Valuing People Now” document. What is Person Centered Planning? Person Centered planning is a way of enabling people to think about what they want now and in the future. It is about supporting people to plan their lives, work towards their goals and get the right support. Person Centered Planning is a collection of tools and approaches that can be used to plan with a person- not for them. Planning should build upon the person’s circle of support and involve all the people who are important in that person’s life. Person Centered planning is built upon the values of inclusion and looks at what support a person needs to be included and involved in their community. Person Centered approaches offer an alternative to traditional types of planning which are based upon the medical model of disability and which are set up to asses need, allocate services and make decisions for people. 1 Being person Centered or using person Centered approaches means ensuring that everything we do is based upon what is important to a person from their own perspective. Person Centered planning discovers and acts on what is important to a person. Person Centered planning helps us do this by discovering and acting on what matters to a person. It gives us a structure to help us continually listen and learn about what is important to a person now and in the future and to act on this in alliance with friends and family. It requires a
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