Mousetrap Cars Essay

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Physics is involved in just about everything mankind does. It’s almost impossible not to confront physics in our daily lives. Building these mousetrap cars gave us a perfect example on how physics concepts can relate to anything. These mousetrap cars shows us the force the mousetrap must have. Newton’s laws are also a great example on how physics concepts are involved in making these mousetrap cars. The mousetrap car helps us realize the potential, and kinetic energy it has. They can help us discover either the centripetal motion of the wheels or help find missing variables by using kinematics. Physics concepts relate to mousetrap cars because we can discover the force the mousetrap must have in order for the cars to move. Using equations like F = MA, we can discover how many newtons (N) the mousetrap needs in order for the car to be moving at that rate. Another factor that is involved in building these mousetrap cars is the mass vs. acceleration. Using the equation F = MA, you can see that the smaller the mass is, the faster the acceleration is. This same concept works in reverse. The faster the acceleration is, the less mass it is. Also physics concepts relates to mousetrap cars because in physics we learned that, in order for the mousetrap cars to move, it must have force acting upon it (ground) which pushes the car up. So both the force of the ground and the force of the mousetrap car must be equal in order for the vehicle to work go forward. Physics concepts relate to mousetrap cars because Newton’s laws are involved in these mousetrap cars. Newton’s first law states that, “everybody continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.” The mousetrap car relates to this because the mousetrap car does not move until the force of the mousetrap moves it. The mousetrap car

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