Google‘S Driverless Car

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Google‘s driverless car There is one company working on transportation and they have an enormous goal to say the least; to automate the car and therefore eliminate accidents, drinking and driving, the need for a car license, the incapability of driving for those who suffer from physical or mental health problems, and even complete blindness. This is one of the most valuable companies in the world today and its name is Google. This subject is very fascinating and interesting. Many people who hear this, especially the conservative ones have no faith when they hear about this ideology. The Google driverless car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars. The cars use a combination of technologies, including radar sensors on the front, video cameras aimed at the surrounding area, various other sensors and artificial-intelligence software that helps steer. There have been no accidents while the cars were controlled by the computer. The only documented accident with one of the Google vehicles took place while a human was in control. What I like about the Google car is that it senses everything. If a person is crossing over the street it senses the movement and the car stops. They obey traffic laws. It can see in the dark and they do not run red lights. If the lead car has to slow down, it can simultaneously activate the brakes of all the cars behind it. The system drives at the speed limit it has stored on its maps and maintains its distance from other vehicles using its system of sensors. The system provides an override that allows a human driver to take control of the car by stepping on the brake or turning the wheel. Eventually automated vehicles will be able to drive better, and more safely than humans can; no distraction, better reflexes, and better awareness of other vehicles. Self-driving cars have completed 300,000 miles of

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